Ireland & Syria

A few basic facts & context for Irish people to help get a better understanding of what is happening in Syria and Ghouta at this moment.

Its broken into 4 parts, with some bonus videos at the end.


  •  Ireland – Syria Comparison


Moses was 40 years wandering??

Screenshot from 2018-03-15 17-17-08

    1. Size: Syria is about 3 times bigger than Ireland. About 80% of the population live on the Mediterranean Coast
    2. People: Syria has about 5 times bigger population than Ireland. There are more than 20 Indigenous ethnic/religious etc minorities, who have had civilizations there for 10,000+ years
    3. Money: Syria – €16 billion Government budget vs Ireland – €60 billion Government budget
    4. Policy
      1. Occupation: Syria is still officially at war with its occupier, and supports national liberation movements against it
      2. Refugees: in the 2000s Syria was one of the top refugee hosts in the world with more than 10% of its population as refugees who were given equal rights (to free education, housing, employment, healthcare etc) as Syrians. Ireland has about 6000 refugees, or 1/10 of 1% population who are kept in camps called Direct Provision centres with very few rights.
      3. Socialist Economy (Syria)
        1. Free education
        2. Free healthcare
        3. Subsidised food, petrol, heating etc
        4. Large cooperative sector
        5. No IMF loans
    5. Political Opposition: Syria: 5+ opposition parties, all are socialist, all have armed wings. Ireland: 6+ opposition parties, half are nominally socialist, none have armed wings. Which is the better political system*?

* semi-serious, but there is a grain of truth to it 😉


  • Colonisation


Sykes-Picot Original Plan for Syria


    1. Sykes-Picot (1916) Balfour (1917) were the plans by British and French bureaucrats to carve up the Middle East
    2. The Plan: turn Greater Syria into 6 hostile ethno-states
    3. Same plan updated: Yinon 1982, Clean Break 1996, Brookings Institute 2014
    4. Rebels: fly Colonial flag, pull down statues of national liberator Hanano, call for NATO intervention


“Moderate Rebels” pull down statues of people who successfully defeated the French colonial occupation of Syria



The Kafranbel ‘Town Of Men’ every week call for NATO intervention, in very bizarre ways


Bulletholes from French Warplanes in 1945 in the roof of Damascus Market which Syrians puropefully left unfixed


The Revolution That Destroyed Syria

  • Anniversary of the “Revolution”
    (15th March 2017)

    1. Roses on Dame St
    2. Suicide bombs in Damascus (40 killed)


  • Damascus – Dublin


    1. Damascus has 8+ times more people than Dublin
    2. Neighbourhoods of Damascus occupied by terrorists since 2012. Daily rocket attacks into civilian areas & infiltration of suicide bombers, will not agree to any ceasefire deals.
    3. A Dublin equivalent might be: UVF occupation of Smithfield, Phoenix Park & Blanchardstown, with civilian casualties equal to a Dublin (1974) bombing every 2 weeks for 6 years (2012-2018)


  • More info

Important onfo/context on Ghouta which the Media leaves out


Ghouta civilians under AlQaeda Occupation protesting against the terrorists and for the Syrian Army


What’s going on in Damascus-Ghouta?


Why are Palestinians fighting to liberate Ghouta?


What has been the ‘anti war’ movements role in all this?


A-Z of Syria, from an Irish perspective

The Diary of Bobby Sands- Day 3



Tuesday 3rd
I’m feeling exceptionally well today. (It’s only the third day, I know, but all the same I’m feeling great.) I had a visit this morning with two reporters, David Beresford of The Guardian and Brendan O Cathaoir of The Irish Times. Couldn’t quite get my flow of thoughts together. I could have said more in a better fashion.
63 kgs today, so what?
A priest was in. Feel he’s weighing me up psychologically for a later date. If I’m wrong I’m sorry — but I think he is. So I tried to defuse any notion of that tonight. I think he may have taken the point. But whether he accepts it, will be seen. He could not defend my onslaught on Bishop Daly — or at least he did not try.
I wrote some notes to my mother and to Mary Doyle in Armagh; and will write more tomorrow. The boys are now all washed. But I didn’t get washed today. They were still trying to get men their first wash.
I smoked some ‘bog-rolled blows’ today, the luxury of the Block!
They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn’t give a damn if they placed it on my knee. They still keep asking me silly questions like, ‘Are you still not eating?’
I never got started on my poem today, but I’ll maybe do it tomorrow. The trouble is I now have more ideas.
Got papers and a book today. The book was Kipling’s Short Stories with an introduction of some length by W. Somerset Maugham. I took an instant dislike to the latter on reading his comment on the Irish people during Kipling’s prime as a writer: ‘It is true that the Irish were making a nuisance of themselves.’ Damned too bad, I thought, and bigger the pity it wasn’t a bigger nuisance! Kipling I know of, and his Ulster connection. I’ll read his stories tomorrow.
Ag rá an phaidrín faoi dhó achan lá atá na buachaillí anois. Níl aon rud eile agam anocht. Sin sin. (Translated this reads as follows: The boys are now saying the rosary twice every day. I have nothing else tonight. That’s all.)

The Diary of Bobby Sands- Day 2

Monday 2nd
Much to the distaste of the Screws we ended the no-wash protest this morning. We moved to ‘B’ wing, which was allegedly clean.
We have shown considerable tolerance today. Men are being searched coming back from the toilet. At one point men were waiting three hours to get out to the toilet, and only four or five got washed, which typifies the eagerness (sic) of the Screws to have us off the no-wash. There is a lot of petty vindictiveness from them.
I saw the doctor and I’m 64 kgs. I’ve no problems.
The priest, Fr John Murphy, was in tonight. We had a short talk. I heard that my mother spoke at a parade in Belfast yesterday and that Marcella cried. It gave me heart. I’m not worried about the numbers of the crowds. I was very annoyed last night when I heard Bishop Daly’s statement (issued on Sunday, condemning the hunger-strike). Again he is applying his double set of moral standards. He seems to forget that the people who murdered those innocent Irishmen on Derry’s Bloody Sunday are still as ever among us; and he knows perhaps better than anyone what has and is taking place in H-Block.
He understands why men are being tortured here — the reason for criminalisation. What makes it so disgusting, I believe, is that he agrees with that underlying reason. Only once has he spoken out, of the beatings and inhumanity that are commonplace in H-Block.
I once read an editorial, in late ’78, following the then Archbishop O Fiaich’s ‘sewer pipes of Calcutta’ statement. It said it was to the everlasting shame of the Irish people that the archbishop had to, and I paraphrase, stir the moral conscience of the people on the H-Block issue. A lot of time has passed since then, a lot of torture, in fact the following year was the worst we experienced.
Now I wonder who will stir the Cardinal’s moral conscience…
Bear witness to both right and wrong, stand up and speak out. But don’t we know that what has to be said is ‘political’, and it’s not that these people don’t want to become involved in politics, it’s simply that their politics are different, that is, British.
My dear friend Tomboy’s father died today. I was terribly annoyed, and it has upset me.
I received several notes from my family and friends. I have only read the one from my mother — it was what I needed. She has regained her fighting spirit — I am happy now.
My old friend Seanna (Walsh, a fellow blanket man) has also written.
I have an idea for a poem, perhaps tomorrow I will try to put it together.
Every time I feel down I think of Armagh, and James Connolly. They can never take those thoughts away from me.


Homelessness: Capitalism is working… For the Rich!


Our activists have been on the streets, over the past days, as they are every week, working with homeless groups working to help the homeless find safe accommodation where possible.

What is clear from their reports is that the free state, as expected, has failed to address the crisis.

While Leo Varadkar has claimed only 12 people were on the streets last night, the reality is that the number was far higher and it is believed that their will be upwards of 30 people sleeping on the streets of Dublin tonight as the worst weather in years hits the capital.

This is not acceptable. It must not be tolerated.

Capitalism is killing our people. Homelessness will never be properly addressed in capitalist society. The landlords that make up the committees in Leinster House and Stormont will not allow the issue be addressed.

It’s time to reject capitalism and imperialism and fight for the alternative. It’s time to rebuild the Irish Socialist Republic!

On Border Polls and Independence Referendums


*This article was originally published by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland in September 2017.
As we approach October 1st, all eyes are on Catalonia and the attempts by Spanish and EU imperialism to suppress the forthcoming referendum on Catalonian Independence.
Irish Socialist Republicans express our solidarity with the Catalan People and the ongoing Catalonian Struggle for National Liberation, a struggle that will not end with the vote on October 1st.
Coming in the wake of the Scottish Independence vote, the referendum in Catalonia has got many people in Ireland wondering if national liberation could be achieved here through a border poll. This is an important issue for the republican movement and must be dealt with decisively, to ensure Irish Socialist Republicans base our struggle for national liberation on correct theory and practice.
The use of a border poll to achieve Irish Independence is advocated by Sinn Féin and the IRSP, while the 1916 societies advocate an All Ireland referendum on independence. Many supporters of these groups point either to the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement or to the examples of Scotland and Catalonia in an effort to explain how national liberation might be achieved in Ireland.

Others argue that an Independence poll could be used to build a revived national movement in wake of the heavy defeat suffered in 1998.
In reality this is all nonsense.

Neither a border poll or a Scottish/ Catalonian style vote can deliver national liberation for Ireland as both strategies are framed firmly within the perimeters set by imperialism.
The Border Poll
Advocates of a border poll attempt to either ignore or hide that the 1998 Good Friday Agreement was a treaty of surrender.

The GFA was a new treaty between Ireland and Britain that copper fastened British Rule in Ireland and allowed British Imperialism to co-opt a section of former revolutionaries to administer the colony on behalf of Imperialism. The Good Friday Agreement upheld the Unionist Veto, meaning that British Rule in the occupied six counties would only come to an end under the terms of that treaty, when the majority of people in that gerrymandered statelet voted to end partition.

The Good Friday Agreement, however, does not outline any mechanism to trigger a border poll. The decision to grant a border poll is solely the discretion of the British Secretary of State for the occupied six counties.

History has shown that Britain has never willingly given up a colonial possession and British Imperialism has repeatedly stated that there will be no border poll for the foreseeable future. The Irish People do not need to wait for the whim of British Imperialism to achieve our Independence.
It is clear, therefore, that those who advocate for a border poll have reduced their demand for Irish Independence to a mere aspiration. Despite arguing otherwise, by confining their demand for Independence within the context of Britain’s Good Friday Agreement, they have accepted the legitimacy of partition, the Unionist Veto and British Rule in Ireland. This can never be an acceptable position for Irish Socialist Republicans.
A Scottish/ Catalonian Style Independence Referendum
Advocates of such a vote seemingly fail to realise that there are marked differences, both historical and material, between the conditions in Catalonia and Scotland and the situation in Ireland.
Irish Socialist Republicans argue that it is folly to attempt to take the methods of struggle in one country and attempt to mechanically apply them to the conditions in another. Irish national liberation will only be achieved by studying the concrete conditions in Ireland and applying a revolutionary strategy to fit those conditions.

Therefore it follows that a successful revolution in Ireland will not be a carbon copy of any other historical or contemporary struggle for independence.
While Ireland, Catalonia and Scotland have suffered at the hands of Imperialism, the experience has been different in each case.
In terms of a discussion on an Independence referendum, it could be argued that both Scotland and Catalonia have what citizens there view as a national government. In both countries the national governments, despite being far from revolutionary, are driving forces in the Independence campaign, and are giving clear leadership in the constitutional struggle for Independence.

Importantly the Scottish and Catalonian governments set the question for the independence referendum themselves.
This cannot be done in Ireland. Ireland has no national government. The country was illegally partitioned in 1922 by British imperialism and two colonial states were established and have been propped up by imperialism to this day.

There is currently no clear national leadership of the struggle for National Liberation in Ireland and no unified body recognised by the people of Ireland that could set the terms of the referendum. While an Independence referendum in Scotland and Catalonia can take place on a united national territory, any referendum in Ireland would be held in two separate states, and would be set by at least 3 separate administrations , none of who speak for the Irish people or the struggle for national liberation.
Therefore it is clear, that an Independence referendum on the model of Scotland or Catalonia cannot be mechanically applied to conditions in Ireland. Such a strategy cannot be effectively used to rebuild the struggle for national liberation.
The Socialist Republican Alternative
There can be no compromise with imperialism. There can be no shortcut to national liberation. Short term strategies to gain momentary relevance today will inevitably fall in the long term.
Our struggle is about liberation of the Irish Working Class and the re- establishment of the Irish Socialist Republic.
Our People’s Republic was established in 1916 and ratified by democratic vote by the overwhelming majority of the Irish People in 1918. This is the only Irish Independence poll that matters.
The people of Ireland have a right to national sovereignty and unity. These rights are inalienable and non judicable. What we need today is a movement capable of defending them.
The Irish working class must be in the driving seat of the struggle for national liberation. The Republic must be re-established in the hearts and minds of the our people by building it on a street by street, estate by estate basis across the 32 counties.
New, functioning, democratic institutions of the Republic must be established to deal effectively with the every day issues facing the working class, institutions capable of winning the allegiance of the people away from the capitalist and imperialist state to the People’s Republic. The Republic must become the vehicle of change for the Irish working class.
At the same time a militant people’s movement must be built community by community across the country. A movement that can successfully challenge imperialism and restore the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland.
Such a movement, under the leadership of the Irish working class must be capable of challenging British, EU and American imperialism and mobilising popular support onto the streets behind such a campaign.
This is the task of all republicans. All else is a distraction. Build the Republic- for national Liberation and Socialism!

Rebuild the Socialist Republic!


We owe our allegiance to the Irish Working Class and to the All Ireland Socialist Republic proclaimed in Arms in 1916 and democratically ratified by the overwhelming majority of the Irish people in December 1918.

The Republic still exists. Despite being forced underground by counter revolution in 1922 the People’s Republic continues to be entitled to and claims the allegiance of every Irishman and Irish Women.

Now is the time to reject partition and build a revolutionary alternative. Now is the time for Irish Socialist Republicans to be building functioning modern institutions of the Socialist Republic, Democratic institutions of revolutionary working class power.

If you are ready to start rebuilding the Republic then join the Resistance. Get in touch today!

The Diary of Bobby Sands

On this Day in 1981, From a prison Cell in Long Kesh Concentration Camp, IRA Volunteer Bobby Sands began resisting British attempts to criminalise our struggle for national liberation and socialism, with the only weapon left to him, his life.

Over the first 17 days of the 2nd Hunger Strike, Bobby Sands kept a remarkable diary of his innermost thoughts and feelings which show him as a selfless, courageous, deeply committed Socialist Republican.

Today we proudly republish the first entry of that diary, dated March 1st 1981, and over the coming days we will republish the entire diary with photos from Bobby’s life and the massive resistance campaign outside the prison sparked by the Hunger Strike.

Mar a duirt Bobby, ‘Tiocfaidh ár Lá!’

Sunday 1st

I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul.

My heart is very sore because I know that I have broken my poor mother’s heart, and my home is struck with unbearable anxiety. But I have considered all the arguments and tried every means to avoid what has become the unavoidable: it has been forced upon me and my comrades by four-and-a-half years of stark inhumanity.

I am a political prisoner. I am a political prisoner because I am a casualty of a perennial war that is being fought between the oppressed Irish people and an alien, oppressive, unwanted regime that refuses to withdraw from our land.

I believe and stand by the God-given right of the Irish nation to sovereign independence, and the right of any Irishman or woman to assert this right in armed revolution. That is why I am incarcerated, naked and tortured.
Foremost in my tortured mind is the thought that there can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign, oppressive British presence is removed, leaving all the Irish people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally and economically.

I believe I am but another of those wretched Irishmen born of a risen generation with a deeply rooted and unquenchable desire for freedom. I am dying not just to attempt to end the barbarity of H-Block, or to gain the rightful recognition of a political prisoner, but primarily because what is lost in here is lost for the Republic and those wretched oppressed whom I am deeply proud to know as the ‘risen people’.

There is no sensation today, no novelty that October 27th brought. (The starting date of the original seven man hunger-strike) The usual Screws were not working. The slobbers and would-be despots no doubt will be back again tomorrow, bright and early.

I wrote some more notes to the girls in Armagh today. There is so much I would like to say about them, about their courage, determination and unquenchable spirit of resistance. They are to be what Countess Markievicz, Anne Devlin, Mary Ann McCracken, Marie MacSwiney, Betsy Gray, and those other Irish heroines are to us all. And, of course, I think of Ann Parker, Laura Crawford, Rosemary Bleakeley, and I’m ashamed to say I cannot remember all their sacred names.

Mass was solemn, the lads as ever brilliant. I ate the statutory weekly bit of fruit last night. As fate had it, it was an orange, and the final irony, it was bitter. The food is being left at the door. My portions, as expected, are quite larger than usual, or those which my cell-mate Malachy is getting.DC59A170-57E6-4FEC-B74F-B9A610D76950

The “Groupe Pierre Oller” claims an attack on the Israeli Consulate in Marseille


We share a statement and pictures that we received this morning by email from the “Groupe Pierre Oller”

“The Groupe Pierre Oller claims the attack (windows smashed with a hammer) on the consulate of the fascist state of Israel, 4 impasse Dragon in Marseille, the night of the 27/02 to 28/02. (The hammer was left on the spot).
We demand the immediate release of our comrade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!


Boris Johnson and Britain’s Illegal Border in Ireland!


While it would be easy to laugh of comments made by Boris Johnson in relation to Britain’s illegal border in Ireland, this would be a mistake.

Johnson’s comments, suggesting that policing the British imposed partition of Ireland would be the same as policing the border of two London boroughs, are actually very telling and give an insight into the current thinking of Brit Imperialism.

Johnson’s comments demonstrate what we already know. British Imperialism views all of Ireland as its colonial possession with puppet, compliant parliaments in Leinster House and Stormont.

For British Imperialism, the Free State is still very much part of the empire. As we approach Brexit the British Imperialist establishment will make more and more overtures to ensure it can keep Ireland under its control.

The Free State is completely subservient to the interests of Imperialism, British, EU and US, while the Six Counties remains under direct military occupation.

The only way to end imperialism domination of Ireland is to rebuild a genuine people’s movement, a movement led by the Irish Working Class that challenges capitalism and Imperialism, overthrows the 6 and 26 County states and re-establishes the All Ireland Socialist Republic, proclaimed in 1916.

Play your part- Join the Resistance Today!