Ireland & Syria

A few basic facts & context for Irish people to help get a better understanding of what is happening in Syria and Ghouta at this moment.

Its broken into 4 parts, with some bonus videos at the end.


  •  Ireland – Syria Comparison


Moses was 40 years wandering??

Screenshot from 2018-03-15 17-17-08

    1. Size: Syria is about 3 times bigger than Ireland. About 80% of the population live on the Mediterranean Coast
    2. People: Syria has about 5 times bigger population than Ireland. There are more than 20 Indigenous ethnic/religious etc minorities, who have had civilizations there for 10,000+ years
    3. Money: Syria – €16 billion Government budget vs Ireland – €60 billion Government budget
    4. Policy
      1. Occupation: Syria is still officially at war with its occupier, and supports national liberation movements against it
      2. Refugees: in the 2000s Syria was one of the top refugee hosts in the world with more than 10% of its population as refugees who were given equal rights (to free education, housing, employment, healthcare etc) as Syrians. Ireland has about 6000 refugees, or 1/10 of 1% population who are kept in camps called Direct Provision centres with very few rights.
      3. Socialist Economy (Syria)
        1. Free education
        2. Free healthcare
        3. Subsidised food, petrol, heating etc
        4. Large cooperative sector
        5. No IMF loans
    5. Political Opposition: Syria: 5+ opposition parties, all are socialist, all have armed wings. Ireland: 6+ opposition parties, half are nominally socialist, none have armed wings. Which is the better political system*?

* semi-serious, but there is a grain of truth to it 😉


  • Colonisation


Sykes-Picot Original Plan for Syria


    1. Sykes-Picot (1916) Balfour (1917) were the plans by British and French bureaucrats to carve up the Middle East
    2. The Plan: turn Greater Syria into 6 hostile ethno-states
    3. Same plan updated: Yinon 1982, Clean Break 1996, Brookings Institute 2014
    4. Rebels: fly Colonial flag, pull down statues of national liberator Hanano, call for NATO intervention


“Moderate Rebels” pull down statues of people who successfully defeated the French colonial occupation of Syria



The Kafranbel ‘Town Of Men’ every week call for NATO intervention, in very bizarre ways


Bulletholes from French Warplanes in 1945 in the roof of Damascus Market which Syrians puropefully left unfixed


The Revolution That Destroyed Syria

  • Anniversary of the “Revolution”
    (15th March 2017)

    1. Roses on Dame St
    2. Suicide bombs in Damascus (40 killed)


  • Damascus – Dublin


    1. Damascus has 8+ times more people than Dublin
    2. Neighbourhoods of Damascus occupied by terrorists since 2012. Daily rocket attacks into civilian areas & infiltration of suicide bombers, will not agree to any ceasefire deals.
    3. A Dublin equivalent might be: UVF occupation of Smithfield, Phoenix Park & Blanchardstown, with civilian casualties equal to a Dublin (1974) bombing every 2 weeks for 6 years (2012-2018)


  • More info

Important onfo/context on Ghouta which the Media leaves out


Ghouta civilians under AlQaeda Occupation protesting against the terrorists and for the Syrian Army


What’s going on in Damascus-Ghouta?


Why are Palestinians fighting to liberate Ghouta?


What has been the ‘anti war’ movements role in all this?


A-Z of Syria, from an Irish perspective

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