Homelessness: Capitalism is working… For the Rich!


Our activists have been on the streets, over the past days, as they are every week, working with homeless groups working to help the homeless find safe accommodation where possible.

What is clear from their reports is that the free state, as expected, has failed to address the crisis.

While Leo Varadkar has claimed only 12 people were on the streets last night, the reality is that the number was far higher and it is believed that their will be upwards of 30 people sleeping on the streets of Dublin tonight as the worst weather in years hits the capital.

This is not acceptable. It must not be tolerated.

Capitalism is killing our people. Homelessness will never be properly addressed in capitalist society. The landlords that make up the committees in Leinster House and Stormont will not allow the issue be addressed.

It’s time to reject capitalism and imperialism and fight for the alternative. It’s time to rebuild the Irish Socialist Republic!

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