Boris Johnson and Britain’s Illegal Border in Ireland!


While it would be easy to laugh of comments made by Boris Johnson in relation to Britain’s illegal border in Ireland, this would be a mistake.

Johnson’s comments, suggesting that policing the British imposed partition of Ireland would be the same as policing the border of two London boroughs, are actually very telling and give an insight into the current thinking of Brit Imperialism.

Johnson’s comments demonstrate what we already know. British Imperialism views all of Ireland as its colonial possession with puppet, compliant parliaments in Leinster House and Stormont.

For British Imperialism, the Free State is still very much part of the empire. As we approach Brexit the British Imperialist establishment will make more and more overtures to ensure it can keep Ireland under its control.

The Free State is completely subservient to the interests of Imperialism, British, EU and US, while the Six Counties remains under direct military occupation.

The only way to end imperialism domination of Ireland is to rebuild a genuine people’s movement, a movement led by the Irish Working Class that challenges capitalism and Imperialism, overthrows the 6 and 26 County states and re-establishes the All Ireland Socialist Republic, proclaimed in 1916.

Play your part- Join the Resistance Today!


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