The Free State Elite and the Brit Commonwealth: The Class Basis of Frank Feighan’s comments.

4AD18995-4BE0-4E64-AA8B-D838F53BA902It has long been known that elements in the Blueshirt elite and their support base want to see all of Ireland as a part of the Brit Empire. The class interests of the Blueshirt elite are completely tied to the interests of Anglo-American imperialism.

Therefore, comments made by Roscommon based Free State senator Frank Feighan in 2016 that the 26 County State should consider formally rentering the Brit Commonwealth, should not come as a surprise, but should be seen as  a kite on behalf on the Blueshirt government and the Free State elite.

Frank Feighan is therefore not an isolated crank, but a representative of the interests of the parasitic pro Imperialist class that maintains itself by ensuring the exploitation of the Irish Working Class and robbery of our wealth and resources.

Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, Ireland’s West Brits, long represented by Fine Gael,  have felt comfortable enough to openly advocate there prob Imperialist position and to openly advocate for  Free State to rejoin the Brit Empire.

This is open class war. This ‘commonwealth agenda’ has resulted in increased visits to Ireland by England so called Royal family, attempts to normalise the ongoing Brit Occupation and ongoing recruitment of young Irish Citizens to the Brit military and the attempts to equate those who died for Irish Freedom with those who died as Imperialist cannon fodder in World War One.

All manifestations of Brit Imperialism in Ireland must be challenged no matter where they raise their heads.

Irish Socialist Republicans are opposed to British interference in Ireland. We aim to end the ongoing Brit Occupation of Ireland and Reestablish the All Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916. Any attempts to promote the commonwealth agenda must be opposed.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Frank Feighan and the Blueshirt elite that the people of Ireland will serve neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland.

Resist Resist British Imperialism in Ireland- Forward to National Liberation and Socialism!


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