KBC Bank use Brit Army/Loyalist Thugs to attempt to evict Dublin Family from Home!

42B5542E-943A-4ACC-B971-14953B98CAF4As vulture funds continue to threaten to swoop in and target families for eviction, yesterday KBC Bank used a private army of ex-Brit army and Loyalist thugs in an attempt to evict a family from their home in Balbriggan in Dublin.

This attempted forced eviction was prevented by the courageous actions of the local community and anti eviction activists who quickly mobilised to support the family.

This is not the first time KBC has used a private army of British terrorists and loyalist to force a family from their home. As was the case last night in Balbriggan, communities must be ready to mobiles to physically prevent evictions.

Below are the images of three of KBC’s hired thugs.

Irish Socialist Republicans are committed to standing with families and communities to resist evictions. If you fear your family face eviction get in touch today.

We will not stand by while Britain’s terrorists in Ireland, the modern day Black and Tans are used to force families from their homes!



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