Charles Windsor visit will be actively opposed by Irish Socialist Republicans!


In recent days, the Dublin media has reported that a visit to Ireland by Brit War Criminal Charles Windsor is being planned for April or May 2018. Irish Socialist Republicans will actively oppose any such visit by English ‘royals’. Charles Windsor is the commander in chief of Britain’s leading terrorists unit, the parachute regiment, that have committed massacres of innocent civilians in Ireland and around the world.

Britain has no right to be in Ireland. So long as Britain maintains an illegal claim of jurisdiction over 6 Irish Counties, the relationship between Ireland and Britain can never be a normal one. Charles Windsor and his ilk are not welcome.

The very fact that the free state will have to mount a massive security operation to ensure Windsor’s safety, clearly demonstrates that Brit Imperialists are not welcome in Ireland.

It’s time for all who believe in Irish Freedom and who oppose the illegal interference of Britain in Ireland to come together and organise against this proposed Royal visit.

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