Anti Imperialist Action Ireland- Oppose Facebook Censorship- Honour Ireland’s Patriot Dead!


In recent days the campaign page of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland has been taken down by Facebook and Admins of the page have had their accounts banned. This is the work of anti- Republican elements, a coordinated attack and comes in a wider context of Facebook censorship of Irish Republican pages. We extend solidarity to all Irish Republican pages and organisations recently removed under the attack.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland run a very active page that provides daily, undiluted and unrepentant Socialist Republican analysis of Irish and International affairs. Over the last 12 months, the page has become a key organiser of events against Brit, EU and US Imperialism in Ireland and has played a key role in organising Irish Socialist Republicans and other progressives into a Broad Front across the country.

Importantly the Anti Imperialist Action Ireland Page has allowed Irish Socialist Republicans to build and develop links with revolutionary organisations across the world.

The work and growth of Irish Socialist Republicans and Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is clearly ruffling feathers.

In recent weeks posts began to be removed by Facebook. These were mainly historical posts remembering Ireland’s Patriot Dead. The posts removed included a birthday post to IRA Volunteer Brendan Behan, tributes to the Clonoe Martyrs and a post in remembrance of IRA Volunteers Charlie Breslin and David and Michael Devine. All removed posts had well over 100 likes.

More sinisterly in recent days posts advertising the annual 1916 Commemoration in Bray were removed. The event was then taken down by Facebook and the AIAI page removed and its admins banned.

Facebooks attempts at censorship will not stop the work of Irish Socialist Republicans or Anti Imperialist Action Ireland nor will it stop our growth.

We call on all Republicans to oppose Facebook censorship and not to stand for any attacks on the memory of Ireland’s Patriot Dead!

We haven’t gone away. We will be back and we will continue to resist imperialism in Ireland and continue to build an Anti Imperialist Broad Front. If your ready to get involved- get in touch.

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